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PLC - Siemens S7-1200-1500 TIA Portal | Maintenance
I90 TR-CT-SI-S7-1200-TIA-M


After the training the participant is capable of managing a new TIA Portal application. He can also implement changes in the parameters of the application and make optimal use of the TIA Portal.

Training form

All of our trainings are based on the model of task-oriented instructions. This model guarantees a seamless transition between learn and work situations. During the training de participant carries out teaching duties on realistic applications. The focus here is not only about acquiring product knowledge but also about learning task-related skills. By working on realistic applications we speed up the learning process and is the desired performance improvement a fact.

Learning tasks

  • Adjusting a network in User Program with TIA Portal for the S7-1200-1500 PLC.
  • Replacing a faulty sensor that is connected S7-1200-1500 configuration.
  • Replacing a faulty component (CPUJ/O) out of a S7-1200-1500 configuration.
  • Expand a S7-1200-1500 application with a PROFINET IO-device (ET200s).
  • Adjusting a HMI screen from panel KT600 Basic/TP700 Comfort TIA Portal for a TIA Portal application.
  • Solve a malfunction in a S7-1200-1500 application and make optimal use of TIA Portal.

S7-1200, S7-1500, input and output cards, digital and analog, TIA Portal, Project view, Portal View, PLC-Tags, OB’s, FC’s, Watch tables, Force tables, PLC-PLC connection, Distributed IO, Basic Instructions, Extended Instructions (TSUB, TADD…), Technology Instructions (HighSpeed, PID compact), Communication Instructions (GET, PUT, TSEND, TRECEIVE,…)

Target group

This training is for (failure) mechanics or service technicians who need to manage a new TIA Portal application.


The participant knows the general functioning of a PLC and understands the operation of digital technique..

PLC - Siemens S7-1200-1500 TIA Portal | Maintenance: Training Seats - Canada

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PLC - Siemens S7-1200-1500 TIA Portal | Maintenance: Training Seats - International

flag 24. - 27. září 2019
Louny (CZ) Registration
flag 1. - 4. říjen 2019
Nový Jičín (CZ) Registration
flag 22 t/m 25 oktober
Dalfsen (NL) Registration
flag 12 t/m 15 november
Dordrecht (NL) Registration
flag 12. - 15. listopad 2019
Nový Jičín (CZ) Registration
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Wemmel (BE) Registration
flag 3. - 6. prosinec 2019
Louny (CZ) Registration
flag 10 t/m 13 december
Dalfsen (NL) Registration
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