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PLC - Siemens S7 with SCL

Training Target Group

This training was designed for Siemens S7 PLC-programmers who want to learn how to build STEP 7-applications using ‘Structured Control Language’ (SCL). SCL is the Siemens STEP 7 implementation of the ‘Structured Text’ programming language as defined in the IEC 61131 standard.

Training (Pre) Knowledge

As a prerequisite the trainees should be familiar with the Siemens STEP 7 programming suite as well as with S7-PLC hardware. A basic programming knowledge in another high level programming language will be a plus but is not a requirement.

Training Global Contents

In the introduction an explanation will be given about the relationship between SCL and the other ‘basic’ STEP 7 language alternatives such as ‘Function Block Diagram’ (FBD), ‘Ladder Diagram’ (LAD) and ‘Statement List’ (STL). Specific areas will be pointed out where applications might benefit from having been written in SCL. The complete SCL syntax, the available diagnostic tools and debugging tools will be studied. The definition and usage of complex structured variables will be extensively covered.

Training Methods

The course will be supported by a Powerpoint presentation and the STEP 7 programming environment itself. A video-beamer is used so all trainees can follow the trainer on-screen. All the necessary hardware such as processors and I/O modules, will be available for testing purposes. Every trainee will have a PC installed with STEP 7 software including the SCL compiler, an MPI-adapter and a PLC.

Training Specific Contents

  • When to choose for SCL and why?
  • Building STEP 7 blocks in OB’s, FC’s, FB’s and DB’s in SCL
  • Choice statements: IF, CASE OF
  • Loop statements: FOR, WHILE, REPEAT
  • Control statements: EXIT, RETURN
  • Built-in functions
  • Basic concepts of programming languages according to IEC 61131-3
  • Variable declarations in SCL
  • User defined data type: UDT
  • Usage of ‘instance DB’s in SCL
  • Interpretation of compiler-output
  • Debugging of SCL sources
  • Projects consisting of multiple SCL-source files, compilation control files

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PLC - Siemens S7 with SCL: Training Seats - Canada

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