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Industrial IoT Engineer

People wish for more and more functionality, more flexibility, better performance and superior quality and agility of products and services. Companies want to attack new markets and earn more money. IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing are putting the traditional Industrial Automation (Operational Technology - OT) into movement.

It results in a world that is rapidly changing for the PLC programmer, the DCS- and automation engineers. Manufacturers all want to make the transition to the fourth phase of the industrial revolution. New technologies such as MQTT and AMQP - but also manufacturing service buses - are inundating the market. Suppliers of PLCs, SCADA and MES are using these new technologies to help make the transition possible.

Bert van der Linden (ATS) wrote a LinkedIn article about the need for Industrial IoT Edge Gateway. This article deepens the insight into the necessary transition to the fourth phase of the industrial revolution and describes the reason for this training.


After the training the participant is able to transform an OT system into an edge-system and is capable to integrate edge-systems with an IoT Platform into an Industrial Internet of Things.

Learning tasks:

  • Integrating an IIoT Edge gateway into a fieldbus-oriented industrial automation application (OT), like PROFINET, EthernetIP or MODBUS/TCP.

  • Integrating an IIoT Edge gateway into a message-oriented industrial automation application (OT), like MQTT or AMQP.

  • Interfacing an Edge-system to an IoT Platform, like IBM Watson IoT or Amazon IoT and make it part of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Training Methods

All our training courses are based on a task-oriented instruction model. This model guarantees a seamless transition between learning- and work situations. During the training the participant performs learning tasks on realistic applications. The emphasis lies here not only on gaining product knowledge but also on learning task-related skills. By working with realistic applications, we accelerate the learning curve and the desired performance improvement becomes real.

The realistic applications and practical assignments consist of Node-RED applications, which are distributed on a computer and a SIMATIC IOT2040. Of course the examples are also available in higher programming languages, such as C# and Java. The participant receives a SIMATIC IOT2040 at the start of the training and this equipment remains the property of the participant. This allows the participant to perform all learning tasks and practical assignments at home again. Node-RED also simplifies the applications and the used examples.

With this unique method, ATS Training expects to reduce the threshold of the learning- and the work situation. In addition, with this method, ATS Training hopes that the participants will continue to build on their application integration skills at home.


5G, LoRa, Sockets, FTP, Dropbox, ODBC, SQL, RPC, Message-oriented Middleware (MOM), Web services, SOAP, REST, Enterprise Service Bus, Manufacturing Service Bus, XML, JSON, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Microservice Architecture (MSA) MQTT, AMQP, ZEROMQ, Node-RED, Node.js, Application Integration, Broker, IoT Platform, Application development, Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Edge/Fog, IBM Watson IoT en Amazon IoT.

Target Audience

This training is designed by ATS for automation engineers, DCS engineers and PLC programmers who want to prepare themselves for the latest technological changes.


The participant has basic skills about networking - such as Ethernet, IP and TCP - and has a feeling for programming computers.

Důležité upozornění

Odeslaná přihláška na školení je závazná. Při jejím stornování účtujeme manipulační poplatek 30% z ceny školení. Při odhlášení během posledních 3 pracovních dnů před datem konání akce nebo neúčasti bez předchozího odhlášení, účtujeme celý účastnický poplatek. Tyto poplatky odpadají, pokud je jmenován náhradní účastník. ATS si vyhrazuje právo na případné změny v programu.

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