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SPC - InfinityQS ProFicient

Target Group

The course is intended for supervisors and administrators responsible for administrating InfinityQS software at their facility.

(Pre) Knowledge

Attendees should possess a good working knowledge of SPC techniques. In addition, attendees should be familiar with the Microsoft® Windows™ operating system and Windows applications (For example, Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.). They should be able to navigate through the Windows interface quickly and effectively. Failure to do so will hamper their ability to perform many of the required tasks. Additionally, knowledge of basic database concepts is beneficial.

Global Contents

This two day course introduces fundamental skills to help participants successfully deploy InfinityQS ProFicient across their company. Participants learn how to create projects, set up data entry configurations and specify a chart's data selection. In addition, they will gain real-world experience by working through use cases. Upon completing the course, attendees will leave class with a working project that they built using their company's information.


Interactive workshop, solving case studies.


  • Software Installation
  • Basic InfinityQS SPC Navigation
  • Create a Database
  • Understanding the Data Structure
  • Create a Project
  • Toolbars buttons
  • Customizing charts
  • Dynamic Projects
  • Context your Data
  • Attribute Data
  • Working with Limits
  • Gauge Configuration
  • Calculations
  • Events and Alarms
  • Hierarchy and Security
  • Customizing Reports

Learning Goals

  • Develop confidence in implementing and maintaining ProFicient to meet SPC and Verification checks
  • Present options available to users to display collected data and information in reports or charts to meet the needs of all levels of users (operators, engineers, managers and customers)
  • Demonstrate the ability to customize the data entry and data display to meet the needs of most industries



SPC - InfinityQS ProFicient: Price

780 (GBP excl. GST)

More information

Our open training continues as soon as there is a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 participants. If you would like to register for one of our open trainings, select ‘register’ next to the desired date and location to fill in the registration form. You can contact us if you have any questions concerning the schedule.

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