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MES - Wonderware Industrial SQL Server

Training Target Group

This course is intended to provide operators, project managers and system administrators with the basic knowledge required to use the IndustrialSQL Server Historian and ActivFactory Software in their manufacturing environment.

Training (Pre) Knowledge

To join this course, participants need to have basic knowledge of Wonderware InTouch, the Microsoft Windows environment and experience in a manufacturing industry.

Training Global Contents

The course covers topics on how and why to utilize the IndustrialSQL Server Historian 9.0 as a storage location for all plant data including live and historical production data, configuration data, and business data. In addition, participants will learn how to retrieve and report the data using the ActiveFactory™ 9.1 Software.

Training Methods

ATS courses are given by highly qualified trainers, with practical knowledge, in professional ATS training centers or On-Site. Prior to the course an intake conversation can take place to define the participant(s) and the company's requirements. Presentations (theory and examples) as well as practical exercises bring the courses to life. ATS courses are interactive, the trainer will always make sure the training contents link back to your situation.

Training Specific Contents

  • Introduction to the Industrial SQL Server Historian, including software considerations, system licensing and installation notes
  • An introduction to the console, console interfacing and system configuration
  • Configuration and trending
  • ActiveFactory workbook functionality, data importing, using the tag analysis wizard and creating shift reports
  • Storage and retrieval of data, extensions for the IndustrialSQL Server Historian, time domain extensions and query examples
  • Using ActivFactory queries in Excel
  • Reporting and editing reports
  • Introduction to IndustrialSQL Server Historian Data Acquisition Service (IDAS)
  • Defining and inserting manual data using the Manual Data Acquisition Service (MDAS), and importing InTouch history
  • Introduction to event tags, creating events and event view tables
  • Using ActiveX controls for IndustrialSQL Server Historian, including properties, methods and events
  • Installing and using the ActiveFactory Reporting Website, including navigation, reporting, trending and creating report folders



MES - Wonderware Industrial SQL Server: Price

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