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Ignition Core

In this Ignition SCADA Core Training course, you will get an in-depth look at the architecture of Ignition, including its interaction with PLCs and SQL databases. You will learn how successful projects are planned and executed from start to finish.


The objective of this course is to provide students with a working understanding of the installation of Ignition SCADA software and its main functional elements sufficient for them to be able to engineer an Ignition SCADA project with connections to both PLCs and SQL databases.


The main topics that will be covered are:

  • Architecture
  • Installation & Quick Start
  • Client Launching
  • Connect to PLCs and SQL Databases
  • SQLTags (OPC, Memory, Expression, Complex UDT)
  • Historian
  • Windows & Navigation
  • Components, Shapes, and Symbol Factory
  • Visualization Templates
  • Ignition Perspective
  • Alerting
  • Event Handling & Scripting
  • Transaction Groups
  • Security & Authentication

Target Group

Whether you are a new user to Ignition or an existing user looking to discover the full breadth of Ignition's capabilities, this is the course for you!

Training (Pre) Knowledge

Students should be familiar with the basic requirements of programming a PLC. Familiarity with Python scripting language is helpful.

Training Method

The course is taught remotely. The curriculum includes lecture, demonstration, and the creation of a live generic project that gives each student hands-on experience with all major features of Ignition. The format of the course encourages students to ask questions relevant to specific projects they have planned.


Students will receive a hard copy of the official Inductive Automation course notes, and will be provided with writing materials.

Morning and afternoon refreshments and a catered lunch are also provided.


ATS is the Certified Training Centre for Ignition in the UK and Scotland, Ireland, Australia, the Netherlands, German and the Czech Republic and is a Certified Premier Integrator for Ignition SCADA and Ignition MES. Inductive Automation Certified Training Centres offer training that meets the Inductive Automation high standards for quality and uses their curriculum and materials.

Students who successfully complete this course receive an ATS Certificate of Competency for the Ignition SCADA Core Training course. This is not a compulsory requirement to taking the Ignition Core Certification Test with Inductive Automation. Eligibility to the sit the Ignition Core Certification Test can be achieved by completing the Inductive University Ignition Online Course. The certification test is not included in the fee or the timetable.


Post-secondary or tertiary education


This training is typically delivered in German (English is also possible).

Important note

The submitted training application is binding. Upon cancellation, we charge a handling fee of 30% of the price of the training. Upon check-out during the last 3 business days prior to the date of the event or non-attendance without prior withdrawal, we charge the entire subscription fee. These fees are waived if a replacement participant is appointed. ATS reserves the right to make any changes to the program.



Ignition Core : Price

First Attendee: £ 2,200; Each Additional Attendee: £ 1,800 (attendees in the same training, same dates and location) (GBP excl. GST)

Ignition Core : Training Seats - United Kingdom

Broxburn, Scotland Register
flag Upon request Register

Ignition Core : Training Seats - International

flag 08.-12. März 2021
Kassel (DE) Register
flag 15.-19. března 2021
Nový Jičín (CZ) Register
flag 22 t/m 26 maart
Dalfsen (NL) Register
flag 19 t/m 23 april
Haarlem (NL) Register
flag 03.-05. Mai 2021
Kassel (DE) Register
flag 14 t/m 18 juni
Dalfsen (NL) Register
flag 12.-16. Juli 2021
Kassel (DE) Register
flag 06.-10. September 2021
Kassel (DE) Register
flag 25.-29. Oktober 2021
Kassel (DE) Register
flag 06.-10. Dezember 2021
Kassel (DE) Register