ATS introducing (Sticky) Lean, Six Sigma, MES and TPM Training & Workshops

ATS Applied Tech Systems is expanding its training portfolio with new training programmes that focus on continuous business improvement. ATS has extensive experience with the technical aspects of continuous business improvement, and by offering new trainings and workshops a holistic approach for continuous business improvement can be provided.

Mike James, group managing director at ATS, feels that the market is asking for structured and sustainable process improvements. "The current economic situation forces companies to make optimal use of their resources. Many companies struggle to find the best solution to achieve this. Creating sustainable process improvements in organizations is the greatest challenge of our time, and ATS has used its experience to develop a powerful method: “Sticky Lean” (sustaining Lean Method with MES in a way that it will ‘stick’).

Unlike most consultancy firms in the market, ATS does have the technical know-how and experience to make process improvements permanent. This makes our training focus not only on the methodology itself, but also on the implementation steps, the pitfalls and the technical changes, which can support and sustain the process improvement. This holistic view integrates well into our task-oriented instruction model, which we are using for several months now as a basis for all our training programmes."

Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma are widely used as integrated, structured methodologies to improve business performance. In recent years, ATS has completed several projects involving key introductions of Six Sigma, Lean and MES, and combines Lean and Six Sigma training with knowledge of how to implement and enforce within any automated or semi-automated environment. For instance Six Sigma statistical process control techniques can be used for in-line quality control. The trainings also fall within the ATS World-Wide Training Certification programme whereby accredited courses add points to individual certification.


Training dates and locations can be found on our website (www.ats-global.com). Workshops focus on developing a product, and are scheduled on request. For more information please contact our training coordinator.

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