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PLC - Allen-Bradley ControlLogix

Target Group

This course is designed for engineers who work with Allen Bradley ControlLogix or CompactLogix PLC systems. The objective of this course is to provide sufficient knowledge and skills to be able to develop, modify or maintain a ControlLogix system.

(Pre) Knowledge

To join this course, a good working knowledge of Windows is required. Knowledge of Allen-Bradley PLC-5 or SLC-500 processors is an advantage, but not required.

Global Contents

During this course an overview will be given of the functionality of the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix family of controllers and how these can be programmed using the RSLogix 5000 software. Programming, documenting and on-line monitoring with the RSLogix 5000 software using the Ladder Logic programming language forms the main part of the course. RSLogix 5000‘s user interface is friendly, so users quickly learn the basic functions.


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Specific Contents

The following lessons will be followed

Lesson 1
  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix hardware
  • Racks / Slots / Grouping
  • I/O electrical connections for various modules
  • Configuring of the hardware

Lesson 2
  • General features of the ControlLogix family
  • The RSlogix 5000 programming package
  • Programs / Tasks / Routines
  • Processor and Program Data Tags
  • Data Types
  • Ladder Logic editing
  • IEC 1131 'compliant' languages

Lesson 3
  • Connecting to the PLC
  • Uploading / downloading the program
  • Selecting the correct PLC program
  • Compare programs
  • Help functions
  • Programming instructions, including the modifications of existing AND and OR gates, flip-flops, timer functions and counter functions

Lesson 4
  • To copy, to change and to store the PLC-programs
  • Fault finding
  • Off-line & On-line mode
  • Monitoring and modifying data variables
  • Forcing variables
  • Cross references
  • Software documentation
  • Using trends and data monitors

Lesson 5
  • Share data between Logix5550 Controllers and acquiring insight into the producer/consumer model.
  • Program initialisation routines
  • Program fault-handling routines.
  • Writing, testing, and documenting the PLC-program
  • Convert a PLC5/SLC500 program to a ControlLogix program



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