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Database Design and Administration

Training Target Group

For system developers who need to design relational databases from scratch or need to extend the functionality of an existing relational database. Also for data base programmers and front end software developers in need of knowledge about the relational model.

Training (Pre) Knowledge

No specific knowledge or experience is necessary. Basic programming knowledge in any high level programming language will be a plus but is not a requirement.

Training Global Contents

This course will explain the how and why of all phases of the database design process and show how to identify the data structures and procedures that make up a specific relational database. By means of an introduction into the most important concepts of system design a design framework will be outlined. Next a variety of techniques will be demonstrated that may help to identify and design the real data structures. At the end of the training the trainee will be aware of all the details involved in the design process and all actions that need to be taken to identify the data model for the database. He or she will be independently capable of designing a new database or adapt or extend an existing system.

Training Methods

ATS courses are given by highly qualified trainers, with practical knowledge, in professional ATS training centres or On-Site. Prior to the course an intake conversation can take place to define the participant(s) and the company's requirements. Presentations (theory and examples) as well as practical exercises bring the courses to life. ATS courses are interactive, the trainer will always make sure the training contents link back to your situation.

Training Specific Contents

  • Introduction to system design (SDM)
  • Classic-, hierarchical- , network- and relational databases
  • The relational model
  • Entity analysis
  • The semantic object model
  • Data analysis (normalisation)
  • Design of storage model


This training gives a foundation for handling relational database systems and makes a good combination with the other ATS database trainings such as MS-Access Application Development and MS SQL Server Administration



Database Design and Administration: Price

1275 (USD excl. VAT / per person)

Database Design and Administration: Training Seats - USA

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Database Design and Administration: Training Seats - International

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