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Lean Six Sigma - Orange Belt

Lean Six Sigma Orange Belts are knowledgeable in the field of Basic Problem Solving and are familiar with Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools. Orange Belts are improvement project team leaders within their direct work environment and provide constructive contributions to larger Lean Six Sigma Green/ Black Belt projects.

Target Group

Operators, managers, supervisors and engineers directly or indirectly involved in process improvement programs.


On completion of the Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt training, you will be familiar with Lean and Six Sigma methodologies as well as the most important tools, concepts and abbreviations within Lean Six Sigma. You will learn what Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma can do for your company. You will also learn how to solve production problems in an effective manner.


  • Lean principles (Value, Value Stream, Flow, Pull, Continuous Improvement)
  • Lean simulation game & Lean Six Sigma case (DMAIC)
  • Voice of the Customer & CTQ Flowdown
  • Measuring Process Performance (Yield, DPMO, ppm, ..)
  • SPC – Statistical Process Control
  • MSA – Measurement System Analysis / Gage R&R%
  • FMEA – Failure Mode Effect Analysis
  • 5S Workplace organisation
  • VSM – Value Stream Mapping
  • Identifying and eliminating waste
  • Visualising data / Introduction to Minitab
  • (Pareto, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Dot Plot, Histogram, Box Plot, Time Series Plot, Scatter Plot)
  • Problem solving tools (Pareto, Cause & Effect, Capability, ...)
  • Basic Statistics (Correlation, Regression, Probability, ...)
  • Kaizen Continuous Improvement / PDCA


This training is available in English or Dutch


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