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MES - General

Target Group

This course is intended for Manufacturing Project Managers, Engineering Managers, Engineers and Technicians planning on implementing MES or improving their current MES.

(Pre) Knowledge

Knowledge of the companies manufacturing, process and/or resource management environment.

Global Contents

The course is designed for those who want to fully understand MES and how to choose and implement the most appropriate solution.


ATS courses are given by highly qualified trainers, with practical knowledge, in professional ATS training centres or On-Site. Prior to the course an intake conversation can take place to define the participant(s) and the company’s requirements. Presentations (theory and examples) as well as practical exercises bring the courses to life. ATS courses are interactive, the trainer will always make sure the training contents link back to your situation.

Specific Contents

  • General overview of MES
  • Relationship of MES to the Enterprise Resource Planning, Control and other business and technical applications
  • The Functions of an MES system
  • Criteria for evaluation of MES products, choosing the right solution for your business
  • Steps for implementation of a successful MES strategy
  • MES project management methods
  • Industry and technical standards
  • Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Management philosophy and its influence on the MES Model
  • Communication architecture
  • Return on investment, typical savings and calculation examples
  • Case studies and analysis



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