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SCADA - Proficy Cimplicity

Training Target Group

This course is designed for application engineers as well as system integrators and end users who would like to develop or maintain projects with Cimplicity HMI and people who would like to get more experience developing and configuring HMI projects in a 32-bit Windows environment.

Training (Pre) Knowledge

To join this course, experience with “industrial control applications” including knowledge of PLC system functionality is preferred. General experience with applications under MS-Windows 95/98 or MS-Windows NT is required.

Training Global Contents

Developing configuration skills for basic elements of a Cimplicity project is the main focus of this course. All components of the Cimplicity HMI user interface will be covered. The user will learn to work with different “easy to use and powerful” Cimplicity tools. At the end of the course, the participants should be able to create, configure and adapt a Cimplicity HMI project as well as define graphic user interface screens, including data-logging, alarming, trending and networking.

Training Methods

ATS courses are given by highly qualified trainers, with practical knowledge, in professional ATS training centres or On-Site. Prior to the course an intake conversation can take place to define the participant(s) and the company's requirements. Presentations (theory and examples) as well as practical exercises bring the courses to life. ATS courses are interactive, the trainer will always make sure the training contents link back to your situation.

Training Specific Contents

  • General architecture of Cimplicity HMI package
  • Setting-up Cimplicity projects for monitoring, alarming and supervisory control purposes
  • Configuration of components like ports, devices, alarm points and resources
  • Defining graphic interfaces to present to the user effective and accurate process conditions
  • Configuring logging of tags and alarms
  • Configuring Cimplicity trend-objects to make run-time and historical data visible
  • Creating alarm and data reports with help of MS-Excel
  • Configuring Cimplicity HMI systems in a network environment


If the participants don’t have enough pre-knowledge on PC’s and Windows, the course will be 1 day longer in order to bring their knowledge to the required level before the subjects mentioned here above are covered.



SCADA - Proficy Cimplicity: Price

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