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SCADA - FactoryTalk View Machine Edition

Training Target Group

This course is designed for engineers who need to develop projects with RSView Machine Edition (ME) and who wish to gain experience with designing and configuring HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) projects in an MS-Windows environment.

(Pre) Knowledge

To join this course experience of industrial control applications is desirable, including, knowledge of PLC functions. Knowledge of an MS-Windows environment using Icons, Menu’s, Dialog Boxes and On-Line Help is essential for developers. For maintenance personnel an extra day may be required to cover these functions.

Training Global Contents

The main objective of the course is to develop configuration skills for all of the fundamental elements of RSViewME. At the end of the course participants should be able to complete an RSViewME project including establishing communication, creating graphical objects and setting up a database.

Training Methods

This course introduces the concept of HMI technology and the basic skills required to complete an RSViewME project. Examples, slides and other presentation methods are used. After finishing the theory each participant will have the opportunity to practice RSViewME during "on hands" sessions. Special example programs help participants learn quickly and effectively.

Training Specific Contents

  • Introduction
  • Explaining the Server – Client architecture
  • Main functions
  • Planning a project
  • Communication (including DDE & OPC links)
  • Tags
  • Alarms
  • Logging
  • Events
  • Security
  • Graphical Displays
  • Graphical Objects
  • Trends
  • Expressions
  • Introduction to scripting with Visual Basic for Applications
  • Starting up a project



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