ATS Training Vouchers Order Form

You are about to order ATS Training Vouchers. Vouchers are issued for one or more days of training and can be used to cover the full or partial length of a training course. Purchase vouchers up front, and use them when the time is right for you.

After you have purchased your ATS Training Voucher, you can use it to follow scheduled ATS Training Courses within the voucher validity. On your enrolment form, it is important to indicate if you are planning to pay with an ATS Training Voucher or not. Training Vouchers must be returned with the enrolment form / order. If your voucher is valid for more days than the course you are about to follow, a new one will be delivered to you for the remaining days. An invoice will be sent to your company for the amount difference if your voucher doesn’t cover the total length of the course. Enjoy your ATS Training!