Training Certification Program (WWT)

ATS has been providing industrial-, process automation and IT related training courses since 1986. As a result of a successful history with training and education, ATS offers a unique concept called: ‘World-Wide Training Certification‘.

This certification is intended for maintenance, engineering and IT personnel, combining a number of up-to-date training courses. By following this program, students undertake a complete education program and acquire broad knowledge on automation aspect such as: design, programming and practical maintenance skills.

Participants follow a series of standard ATS Training courses (which courses depends on the certificate desired) containing practical and theoretical exercises. Participants will be trained on skills and competences, understand concepts and use several automation and IT platforms. The combination of ATS courses followed will lead to the desired level of certification through a points system. The desired combination of training courses will be defined in collaboration with the customer, depending on the level of knowledge and competence.


Life-long learning: ATS World-Wide Training Certification

Certification Requirements

ATS World-Wide Training Certification has value to both companies and employees who embrace the concept of lifetime learning and understand the value of knowledge and competence. To earn these certificates, certain conditions must be met:

  • ATS Lecturers must assess and approve the trainee’s competence at the end of each course
  • Courses must be followed at a minimum of one per annum
  • Students must complete the full length of the courses in the desired award

Program Advantages

As an Independent Solution Provider, ATS offers the World-Wide Training Certification based on different automation platforms (see ATS Training Schedules). The platform(s) of choice will be mentioned on the certification awards.

  • Free choice of automation hardware platform
  • Free Choice of automation software
  • Additional Competence training, applying theory in the field
  • Recognition of automation competence by employers and industry
  • All courses offered by ATS anywhere in the world regardless of language are consistent and apply equally to an ATS World-wide Training Certification award.

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