Training: Cybersecurity – Awareness in Operations

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Security Awareness is a topic relevant for all employees in an organization. From the shop floor till the board room: everyone should be aware of how they can prevent security threats themselves.

Keeping your company secure can be quite a challenge these days. As a company you need to make your employees aware of how they can prevent a security threat themselves. This is called: Security Awareness. In this training we will explain what security awareness is and the possible consequences of employees not being aware of how to behave in case of a possible attack. You will learn about social engineering and phishing attacks. What is eavesdropping or piggybacking/tailgating? We will explain how you can recognize the possible risks on your shop floor. Another part of Security Awareness is to make you aware of the possible safety risks in your facility or how to limit threats/risks to your intellectual property.

Keep in mind: Never think your company is too small or not interesting enough for hackers or ransomware attacks.

Specifieke Inhoud

Onderwerpen van Awareness in Operations

  • The importance of Security Awareness

  • IoT/IIoT and hardware security

  • How to recognize risks on the shopfloor

  • Facility safety

  • Intellectual property

  • Security vs. safety


Datum: Op aanvraag
Kosten: EUR 895