MES/MOM: All You Need to Know!

Going back to basics and keeping it simple can be the start of great achievements. The manufacturing industry is changing. Talk of Big Data, IIoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, … is all very exciting, but is it really real?

One thing is for sure: manufacturing organizations will not become self-organizing without achieving manufacturing excellence by utilizing Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) / Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) first.

When you are preparing for the new smart technologies, you need to know about the technologies and solutions available to you today and the best practices for successfully justifying, implementing and sustaining them long term.

This special instructor lead program, delivered both in classroom setting and online, provides an extensive overview of MES/MOM and how to leverage its full potential both on short and long term. A successful change requires alignment of your ways of working in manufacturing operations, organization & governance, your people’s skill set and the supporting IT.
It introduces the relevant industry standards for MES/MOM, like ISA-95, and many other aspects to create a well-designed roadmap to improve your manufacturing performance.

Classroom and Online
Classroom: The program is taught in a classroom environment over 2 consecutive days.
Online: Instructor lead online version of the same program, delivered in 3 four-hour sessions on 3 consecutive working days.

The workshop comprises several assignments. All participants who complete all assignments will receive the MOMi Education Certificate for this program.


  • Introduction

    • Why deploy MES/MOM?
  • MES/MOM Standards

    • ISA-95: Enterprise – Control System Integration
    • ISA-88: Batch Control
    • ISA-62443 (ISA-99): Security
    • Other standards
  • Excellence in Make and Supply Chain

  • Continuous Improvement

    • Lean, Six Sigma, …
  • Manufacturing Maturity to Improve Performance

    • Manufacturing Maturity Models
    • Assessment and Transformation
  • MES/MOM Architectures

    • Developments and Trends
    • Multi-site Roll-out
  • Metrics that Matter – Metrics Framework

  • Discover the Benefits

    • Return on Investment (ROI) Approaches
    • Examples
  • Select the software: Best Practice Methodology

    • Prerequisites
    • Create Short-List
    • Find the ‘Champion’
  • Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0

    • Core Concepts and Technologies
    • New MES/MOM as Foundation for Smart Manufacturing
    • What to Do to Get Prepared?
  • Conclusions and Wrap-Up

MES/MOM: All You Need to Know! Course Details

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