Certified PLC Technician, Certified PLC Programmer, Certified PROFINET Engineer, Certified PROFIBUS Engineer, Certified PROFINET Installer, Certified PROFIBUS Installer

If you haven’t passed one of our examinations, you can register for a reexamination.

ATS Academy offers the following reexaminations:

  • Certified PLC Technician
  • Certified PLC Programmer
  • Certified PROFINET Engineer
  • Certified PROFIBUS Engineer
  • Certified PROFINET Installer
  • Certified PROFIBUS Installer


This day contains extra instructions, a trial examination and the reexamination.

You can register via our registration form, please provide the following information:

  • For which training course do you want a reexamination?
  • Is it theory or practice only, or both?

After receiving your registration form, we will contact you to set a date, time and location.
You can only take a reexamination after you’ve followed the corresponding training course at ATS.

Training voucher Course Details

Date: Upon request
Location: United Kingdom
Registration Fee: ————

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ATS Academy offers the following reexaminations…..

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