Statistical Process Control (SPC)

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Target Group

This course has been designed so that Managers, Manufacturing engineers, Process engineers, Quality Engineers and other manufacturing personnel can get a basic understanding of Applied SPC to assist them in their daily work.

(Pre) Knowledge

Not required.

Global Contents

During this course an overview of Applied SPC will be given, to do this the InfinityQS Proficient software will be used.


Interactive workshop, solving case studies.

Specific Contents

  • What is SPC and its benefits
  • Variability of processes
  • Basic statistical tools
  • Understanding and training of statistical tools
  • Practical simulations
  • How to utilise this knowledge in your own environment

Statistical Process Control (SPC): Plazas abiertas

Fecha: Por solicitud
Ciudad: spain

Actualmente no ofrecemos este curso en español, pero sí en holandés e inglés. A continuación encontrará el enlace de registro para acceder a este curso en dichos idiomas.

Date: Upon request
Location: United Kingdom
Registration Fee:GBP 780 

Datum: Op aanvraag
Locatie: Nederland

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